Reviews about Variconis

  • Martin
    The product has a pleasant, non-pungent odor and is well absorbed. I would like to emphasize the delayed effect that appears after about a month of treatment.
  • Lenka
    Variconis gel helped me a lot for my long-standing cosmetic problem: bright venous vessels near my feet. At the same time the product reduces fatigue and brings a feeling of freshness for a long time.
  • Eva
    She herself was cured with Variconis and advised this gel for 3 people. Without exception, the gel helped to cope with problematic venous vessels and to avoid the serious consequences of advanced varicose veins.
  • Petra
    I believe this gel should always be in your home medicine cabinet. The product immediately relieves fatigue, eliminates swelling in the legs and prevents venous blockage.
  • Anna
    It's hard to find a cure on a natural basis, and even so effective! Variconis gel helped me get rid of spider veins and avoid unnecessary surgeries on my legs.
User rating Variconis